October 2017

False Albacore

If you think old drum put up a fight then you need to hook into an albie and get a reality check. One of my guide friends says false ablies would pull an old drum backwards, and I would have to agree. Pound for pound this might be the hardest fighting inshore fish that we have in our area. The albies have arrived at the coast and should stay into December. We catch these battlers with both spinning and fly equipment. And speaking of old drum, they are along the coast now so we can take another shot at them when we get tired of catching the albies.

During the summer, speckled trout hang out in the deeper waters of the rivers and sound. In October when the water temperatures begin to drop and the summer bait leaves, they begin to roam the river edges and enter the creeks. Last week a northeast front hit and our water temperature dropped from 77F to 69F in a matter of 3 days. This further kicked the trout's October movement into action. These two trout were caught using a popping cork and a ZMan Chatterbait at the mouths of two different creeks. What's not shown in this pic are the redfish and flounders that were also caught on this trip.

October 1 was the opening of the fall keeper striper season. We're still catching them using topwater lures but as the water temperatures drop, the topwater bite will wane as the fish go a little deeper in the water column and become a little less aggressive. When this occurs, we'll begin using more jigs and rattlers to coerce the fighters to bite. If you've never eaten stripers, they are a very mild and great tasting fish.

Fall fly fishing is wonderful. We can go to the coast and chase false albacore or we can stay around Oriental and New Bern and chase speckled trout, redfish, stripers and an occasional flounder. 6wt to 8wt rods work great for the Oriental and New Bern fish. But chasing albies requires some more backbone and 9wt and 10wt rods are recommended. In the pic the trout and the striper were caught using some poppers on floating lines and the red was caught on an intermediate line with a clouser. Come for a couple of days and we can chase fish in both locations.